What I teach and preach is not anything new. It comes from the Eastern part of the world, thousands and thousands years ago from.

Definitely one of the most “famous” and relevant source of information comes from a Chinese philosopher and writer who is the author of Tao Te Ching (pinyin: Dao De Jing); which I am reading at the moment. He is the founder of Taoism and the book strongly influenced other schools of Chinese philosophy and religion (Legalism, Confucianism and Buddhism). As of other impression about the book, you will have to wait a little bit, so I can give my personal and subjective opinions about it a bit later.

Living in China has taught me great mysteries about this acient culture and how this culture can still be seen in their daily lives. Yes, every year “americanization” is more present, and they are slowly losing the touch with its traditional culture, but there are many people aware of it and do their best to keep it around.

I could go on and on about their culture, belief systems, religions and mysticism but I really just want to give you a little taste ofthe backgrouns, so you will not feel as I am trying to sell you something that was cooked in my basement 🙂

“WUXING” also comes from China, believing that on order for us to live a perfect, harmonious life, we need to balance our energy: QI. WU XING represents 5 main organs in our bodies that are in control of our emotions, feelings and other chemical and non-chemical reactions. If we somehow manage to align the energy of these 5 organs, our life would go smooth and almost perfect. But to look at the hard facts; non of us live like that, therefore, we need to put ouf effort to do so, via meditation, through the help of yoga, mindfulness and more specifically, turning all our negativity into posiitivity, on a daily basis.

And that is just some basic energy rule.
ALL of this, is also deeply intertwined with NUMEROLOGY. Where each number gives out a specific vibration and has a mesagge standing behind it – a secret mesagge you need to reveal if you desire to live your life in complete positivity.