EGO trip

“Ego is simply an idea of who you are that you carry around with you.”

So everybody has been talking about Ego lately. And I think that is extremely good and necessary. I should know. I used to have an enormous ego… and time to time it still popups, and tries to sabotage my life in wicked ways. (BTW now it’s only Big, not enormous anymore – haha)

When ego really becomes a problem is when you want to advance in life, be better, do better, be more ambitious and DO SOMETHING with your life… and your ego tells you all kinds of crap so you would fall back into that comfort zone and just continue DOing NOTHING.

You have to know that ego likes comfort, sorry, make that LOVE. Ego does not like change, and no matter all the famous philosophizes from the past, telling you that »I think therefore I am.« … 99% of all thoughts are actually rubbish. Majority always comes from ego. So finally, we people are opening our minds towards OLD eastern culture of meditation, yoga, spirituality in general, that teaches you the opposite: BE EMPTY. This is the only way you can really learn how to notice your ego telling you how to screw yourself up, AGAIN, or finally learn to hear your inner, truthful voice that will save you from the negativity. Once you learn to live in the quietness, peacefulness, happiness and emptiness, only then you will accurately know what thoughts are real and you should listen to, and what thoughts are coming from your ego.

Don’t get me wrong. I am still learning. This is the point of life – CONSTANT PROGRESS. But I have become so much better at realizing if it’s my factual soul talking or ego trying to pushing me down the road towards suffering.

Ego plays a huge role at trying to protect you from everything NEW. But look at the children, look at the babies. They fall, a million times, they get hurt, a million times, but they keep on going. Nothing stops them. They have no fear. They don’t knot what giving up means, they have this constant drive inside them that helps them go over these obstacles and striving for new achievements, milestones every day.

Imagine, as a person, you took months, to learn how to walk. Something that is completely natural to you now. No stress no real effort. But in the past, how long it took you to achieve that? Ask your parents, how many times, you fell, hit yourself etc. But you kept on going. Did you ever think to yourself; “Well, maybe this just isn’t for me.”?

Why can’t we live like babies a bit?

“Let go of your ego’s need to be right. When you’re in the middle of an argument, ask yourself: Do I want to be right or be happy? When you choose the joyous, loving, spiritual mode, your connection to intention is strengthened.”
-Wayne Dyer

So when a new opportunity presents, to teach your new things, to achieve better future, to learn how to live properly and better, don’t turn it down just because you are afraid, or because you DON’T UNDERSTAND IT, or because it’s something new. EMBRACE THE NEW!

FOR A BETTER FUTURE WE ALL NEED A BETTER GUIDE. Unfortunately, our parents did not have the proper knowledge to teach us how to really live accurately, but they did teach us a lot. And we accepted their teachings. So accepts somebody else’s teachings… because if you don’t want to live appropriately and improved, then what’s the point anyway??


Be brave, be a daredevil a bit,

 and jump into unknown knowledge that is offering you to IMPROVE YOURSELF and obviously leading you with knowledge and understanding to a brighter future.

Once you were little you needed to learn how to eat too. And they showed you, and they helped you and they forced you a bit. And with time you learned. Now do the same with LIVING. Accept the teacher that comes your way with the intention of making you a better YOU. Why does your ego tell you not to listen how to live suitably, but those years ago, your ego didn’t tell you “DON’T LEARN HOW TO EAT”… You ask WHY? … because you LET HIM take over you and now he’s driving the boat of your life.

Open your eyes and see that all the greatest people, all the greatest athletes in the world are still being thought DAILY how to improve their skills. When you play football, and you know how to kick a ball, your learning process doesn’t stop there… but there’s a lot of more training to be done, on so many different levels. So why do you say NO to someone who’s trying to help you improve life? EVERYTHING; Love, relationship, health, business etc. CAN BE UPGRADED.

How ambitious are you? DO you want to spend your life in “Just fine.” Or you want to look at your life and say “Fucking awesome!!!!” Just because your ego is too big for you to listen to somebody about LIVING, that should be OBVIOUS, don’t let him beat you??? THERE IS ALWAYS MORE TO BE LEARNED. And, btw, living a life gratefully, isn’t obvious. These things are NOT obvious. We need to learn, and again, there are many people out there that can help you. If not me, then another mental coach. It doesn’t matter who, but don’t continue living in a lie, pretending you are ALL GOOD and you don’t need any help, because if we are completely honest. EVERYBODY ALWAYS NEED HELP SOMETIMES. That is why we live in a SOCIETY. Exchange of goods and services. SO TAKE THE LEAP. Be brave, AND KILL YOUR EGO, before it kills you.

Before you go, please take a look at this short but educational video that might give you a better idea of what I am talking about 🙂

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