New Mommy Stress

I can proudly say I have been a new mommy for over 2 months now. Yeah, that is why it took me so long to get back to writing. Again, and again. I have been trying to put my schedule back into place, but you must imagine that everyday something new comes up with my little Kian just to throw me off the routine. But even this constant change I have been slowly handling it.

I never really saw myself as a mother. I kinda stopped aging when I was 23. Therefore, my fun and relaxing spirit hasn’t really changed and the main activity I love, daily, is laughing and being silly as much as I can. I actually think these skills will come in handy now.

But the reason why I am writing this post is to all new mommies-to-be. CHILL. Don’t stress it. You will handle it all in no time. Even if you have no clue about what you are doing.

I was few days before I gave birth, when I realized I AM ACTUALLY BECOMING A MOM. FREAKED OUT.I was far far from ready. And just when I was getting comfortable and used to BEING PREGNANT, I was about to give birth to an actual human being I HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF. OMG. I was lost and freaked out, especially since I have always been the youngest amongst my family members and friends therefore I never really had contact with other babies. SO, everything was NEW TO ME.

Well, here I am, 9 weeks into being a mum, and my skills are above surprising. Once you become a mum, your natural instinct kicks and all of a sudden you understand it all. And if you don’t… there are so many apps available now, that can help you with just about everything. THOSE HELPED TOO! But mainly, you start learning about YOUR BABY, that is completely unique and different from all other already grown up babies. So, learn from your baby, learn WITH YOUR BABY. Listen to his needs, observe how we acts, when and how, and decode all the communication you two will be having. But above it all RELAX. Don’t worry and don’t be stressed. The negativity you will experience, will transform to your baby and that will stress him out more than all the unknown things and skills you still have to  learn about. (Use Youtube tutorials too! must love those….!!!!)To sum it all up. Baby needs you love, kisses, hugs and constant positivity.


They are soft, build strongly and resistant more than you can imagine. So just go with it, and see all obstacles as something you can learn from them not something to stress about. (Yes, am talking about those midnight throw-ups, weird rashes, funny noises, worried baby looks, etc.) This is your only and utterly the most important job you have; observe the baby, without getting too emotional and worried, and solve all newly experienced situations with joy, laughs and open mind.

Listen to yourself and everything will be just fine. You are THE MUM, and nobody knows it better than you!


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