Hi! I’m Anja Johnny. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Formally known as ANJA GRÜN, I got married when I was only 23 years old.
I did not belong to a certain culture or cult that obligated me to do that so early or anything nearly close to that, I was just a person who LOVED TO LOVE and always LOVED TOO MUCH. 

So when I fell in love with my, now ex-husband, it didn’t take us long to get married. Neither did it takes us long to get divorced :), but I have to say all these things we all so often call mistakes and wrongs, shaped me into a person I am today. Would not change a thing about my past.

Right after the first year of studying Chinese studies at my local university, I decided to move FAR FROM SLOVENIA, and try out China. I went there with a one way plane ticket, and that definitely was a ride of my life. Not the plane ride of course. I ended up living there about 3 years, where of course I met my ex husband and the stories I have to tell you about that period of my life – not enough time …
But imagine, freedom, alone on the other side of the world, studying, working and mainly partying. I tested my skills and morals, fell many times, learned a lot, but still not enough to have ended up in a 4-year relationship with obvious dead end. I knew from the start what I was getting myself into, but being stubborn as I am, and mainly strong, I wanted to prove this strength on a most devastating, self-destructive way.

It was with a help of a newly made friendship that I finally found the RIGHT STRENGTH and started saying NO to wrong things. After a year of sad and unhappy marriage I decided to get divorced. OMG that felt good! People around me freaked out completely, as I am going mad, but nobody stopped and asked me to explain the sudden change of heart. It did not mean, I did not love him, OH LORD I DID – but I just knew this love will take me to the grave.

At 24, divorced. Only a kid was missing and that would have really been a upsetting story. But thanks to God, I was still being protected a bit, not to screw myself up completely.
Nevertheless, who would love a 24 year old girl with an ex husband on her hands already?!

Well, that was just one of the fears going through my mind that time – but here I am, with the BEST FUTURE HUSBAND I could have imagined, who of course IS my best friend, PREGNANT with our FIRST BABY BOY, happily living in the CARIBBEAN.

I am here to tell you YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL.

It won’t be easy, it won’t be fast, but it’s possible. But step by step.

Curious on how to achieve the desired things?
Let’s share experience, knowledge and wisdom to help each other …